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Find date a web page was created

Find date a web page was created

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Copyright date at the bottom of a page does NOT necessarily mean the page you are citing is that date. Check the other pages on the site. If they are all the same, it is likely a site-wide footer copyright date, not the date of the specific webpage. Do not use a site-wide footer copyright date in your reference list. If the page you are citing has a unique copyright date, use that date in your reference, otherwise use n.

It might mean the date it was put online or the date new code was added to the page. Do not use a "last modified" date in your reference. If there is an original date on the page, use that.

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If you're eager to check the validity and authenticity of content on internet, we have got you covered with 6 ways that can help you in finding the. Many Web pages end up being recorded in various ways soon after they are created. For example, it's easy to check Bitly to see the first time. People are curious for the creation date of ”web pages“. The reason behind this curiosity is that they want to know about the information. It's simple enough to locate the publication date of a book or magazine, but trying to find the electronically published date of a website can be. Originally Answered: How can I find the publish date of undated web articles? some way I can find out when an undated article was posted on a website? Do publication dates tell you everything about the date of a book's "creation," or only​.

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