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Tip dating

Tip dating is a technique used in molecular dating that allows the inference of time-calibrated phylogenetic trees. Its defining feature is that it uses the ages of the samples to provide time information for the analysis, in contrast with traditional 'node dating' methods that require age constraints to be applied to the internal nodes of the evolutionary tree.

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Systematic Biology IF Bayesian molecular dating is widely used to study evolutionary timescales. An alternative approach is tip-dating, which explicitly includes fossil data in the analysis. In the context of tip-dating, an important development has been the fossilized birth—death process, which allows non-contemporaneous tips and sampled ancestors while providing a model of lineage diversification for the prior on the tree topology and internal node times.

However, tip-dating with fossils faces a number of considerable challenges, especially, those associated with fossil tip dating and evolutionary models for morphological characters. We conducted a simulation study to evaluate the performance of tip-dating using the fossilized birth—death model. Tip-dating with the fossilized birth—death model generally performs well in recovering the relationships among extant taxa but has difficulties in correctly placing fossil taxa in the tree and identifying the number of sampled ancestors.

Our results provide an overview of the performance of tip-dating using the fossilized birth—death model, which will inform further development of the method and its application to key questions in evolutionary biology.

Props: Cup rig tip dating minnows can have two types of props: unmarked No Name On Prop which dates them tip dating to ; and Name On Prop, which dates them after when the name Heddon Dowagiac was stamped on the tip dating prop.

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